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Diet No More is an established non-diet approach to eating and weight management. If you are sick of the diet yo-yo and the diet police our course offers you hope, freedom and control.

University research supports our approach. They discovered that weight loss was a side effect of natural eating. Perhaps more importantly they showed you can improve your self esteem and body image and reduce your emotional eating – by not dieting. Our program will teach you how.

Will the program be right for me?Plus when you complete the Diet No More Course you can have your learning recognised as counting towards a Professional Qualification.


“As I regained weight I felt ashamed and embarrassed. I isolated myself because I was terrified of being seen. I go through a hellish cycle of binge eating and self pity. I feel like a loser and I believe that no-one else could be such a failure, so hopeless, so lacking in willpower.”

This is the true account of the private hell of one woman, created by dieting. If it resonates with you, Diet No More can help.

The Diet No More Book

It's a recognised courseThe Diet No More (Nectar) Online Course

I thought your might be interested to hear from someone who had literally tried everything to stop binge eating - me. It is now 2 -3 years down the track and Nectar continues to work! It is now a way of life for me. For 20 years old diet thoughts kept me on the yo-yo cycle, resulting in severe depression and never really "living." The thoughts I learned from Nectar come immediately to me - it's like an inner voice coming to my aid - quite unbidden. Thanks for giving my life back to me.
Jean, Clontarf, QLD Australia